A Caribbean Dream is funny and charming but its the music that really grabs you in the guts. The kids love it because if you have a beat like that Shakespeare makes more sense! 

Ruby Wax (Comedienne/Actress)

“More twerking than your average Shakespeare”

(Guardian UK)

“Whisks audiences away to the Caribbean”

(Vulture UK)

“ Gorgeous hyper-real colours, stepping amid its intoxicating jungle greens,”

(Shakespeare magazine UK)

“A Combination so perfect it seems a match made in heaven”

(Trinidad and Tobago Guardian)

“Absolutely LOVED this film …….. it made me want to get up and dance”

(Eye for Film UK)

Based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Concept and Ideas for Adaptation by Melissa Simmonds.



Written and Directed

Shakirah Bourne

Produced by

Melissa Simmonds and Lynette Eastmond

Executive Produced by

Christian Roberts and Keith Morris.


Jherad Alleyne, Marina Bye, Sam Gillett and Keshia Pope as The Lovers


Aden Gillett and Sonia Williams as Theseus and Hippolyta.

Adrian Greene as Oberon/Head of Gardening.

Susannah Harker as Titania/Head of Housekeeping.

Lorna Gayle as Bottom the Fisherwoman.

Simon Alleyne as Quince.

Patrick Michael Foster as Puck.

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