A Caribbean Dream is funny and charming but its the music that really grabs you in the guts. The kids love it because if you have a beat like that Shakespeare makes more sense!” 
Ruby Wax (Comedienne/Actress)

“More twerking than your average Shakespeare”
(Guardian UK)

“A Combination so perfect it seems a match made in heaven”
(Trinidad and Tobago Guardian)

“Absolutely LOVED this film …….. it made me want to get up and dance”
(Eye for Film UK)

“Whisks audiences away to the Caribbean”
(Vulture UK)

“Gorgeous hyper-real colours, stepping amid its intoxicating jungle greens,”
(Shakespeare magazine UK)

“A Caribbean Dream is one of the best films I have ever seen come out of the Caribbean . It’s a fantastic idea to take Shakespeare and re imagine him in this region. It’s beautifully shot, well acted and universal enough in dialect that it should appeal to wide audience regionally and internationally but is truly West Indian in flavor for Caribbean people to relate to. I think its one of the most accessible versions of Shakespeare’s Dream I have seen and look forward to programming it.”
(Managing Director Olympus Theatres, Barbados).

“A Caribbean Dream will grasp the full attention of all film enthusiasts.”
“UK and Barbadian actors and crew, bring the island’s history, folklore and culture into the comedy and chaos of Shakespeare’s play” 
“A Caribbean Dream is perfect for all ages, magnificent for all Shakespeare literary lovers and for those who have wanted to tread their toes in the Shakespeare world, but not get lost. “
(Stephen Hall/ Advocate Barbados Feb 12th 2017).